Why Learn Authentic Gun Engraving?
Because if you can engrave a gun you can engrave anything.
Learn Authentic Gun Engraving Jewelry Engraving, Motorcycle Engraving,  Copperplate Engraving.  This is a free course of study in the authentic and traditional manner using a hand burin and hammer and chisel without the aid of a powered device.

From Art and Beauty of the Earth , by William Morris widely accepted as the Father of the Arts and Crafts Movement:
"To sum up, don't let yourselves be made machines, or it is all up with you as artists...no man is so clumsy or base a workman that he is not fit for something better than that. " ("that" being the use of machines to replace hand work.)
From Stephen's teacher Bob Maki and The Robert E. Maki School Of Firearms Engraving:
"If you can engrave a gun you can engrave anything.  It's a hard skill to learn but; if engraving was so easy that your grandmother could do it,  your wages would be very cheap indeed."